About me

Hi, I’m Karen a wedding celebrant based in Hampshire.

From rock bands and royalty, to becoming a celebrant and creating meaningful ceremonies, my life has been a great journey. Becoming a celebrant is the happy culmination of a rich career focused on making a positive impact on people’s lives. Before celebrancy, I was an events’ organiser and charity fundraiser and prior to this an executive coach and consultant and way back I managed rock bands.

I’ve been fortunate throughout my fundraising career to arrange events with royalty, celebrities and VIPs; all to raise money to help the most vulnerable members of society. I’m as comfortable creating a ceremony in a world-class venue as I am in a rustic woodland setting, or on the beach.

In all my roles, success has relied on nurturing relationships, good communication, empathy and being adaptable. These skills are just as important in my work as a celebrant. I always find a way to bring lightness and humour to any situation, and I connect easily with people, helping to make you feel comfortable and confident.

My life, like most people’s, has been a mixture of happy and sad moments, with memories to cherish. I’ve had many adventures, met many exciting and stimulating people and travelled to almost every continent. I’ve learned many lessons along the way but still feel I’m a work in progress, continually becoming a better version of myself. I am definitely a people person and love talking to everyone. Much to the dismay of my sons, I am always engaging strangers in conversation!

Originally from London, I now live in Hampshire and I am happiest in the countryside with the sea not too far away. I love entertaining my family and friends, creating the right atmosphere through the food, music and conversation. I would love the opportunity to do the same for you and create a unique and meaningful ceremony for all your family and friends to remember.