Becoming a celebrant

Celebrant Karen

Why did I become a celebrant, people ask.

The short answer is that I wanted a change of career and wanted to have a  direct and positive impact on peoples’ lives.

Before I could decide what this new career would look like, I looked at my past and my skills and experience, to see how this could be used in the future.

My previous careers were; charity fundraising and event organisation, executive coach and communication skills training, recruitment consultant and at the very beginning working in the music industry in the management of rock musicians!!

The skills used were; event organisation, public speaking, creative writing, building relationships, marketing, interviewing and coaching skills.

Juggling multiple projects at the same time, being able to come up with ideas under pressure and to deadlines, had also always been something that I thrived on.

Then I looked at the ways that I had used these skills in the past and what I wanted to change.

I loved creating events where everything from the visuals to the content were of the highest quality. It has always been important that every event had a wow factor and that it was warmly remembered.

I wanted to be self-employed again, as an executive coach in the 90s I had my own business and I loved the freedom this gave me.

I enjoyed being on a microphone public speaking is something that gives me a buzz and having presented to groups of people up to 500 strong, I knew that this was an element that I wanted to keep.

Nurturing relationships is important to me, because I love people. I’m really interested in knowing about other people’s lives. Everything, from what they ate for dinner last night, to why they chose their career.

Creative writing was vital in raising funds. Writing compelling stories to reach into the hearts of potential supporters was an essential skill and one that I love to continue.

Also after a lifetime of writing poetry for my own pleasure, I can now capture the essence of others in poems created for a ceremony.

Professionalism is also of the greatest importance to me, it is something that has given me a fantastic reputation in which ever field I’ve been working.

One of the things I was very definite about leaving behind though, was the corporate world. I wanted to work with people in their personal lives.

So, I started researching the types of role that these skills and experience could lead to.

I loved the wedding industry but didn’t want to be a  planner, I enjoyed using my communication skills to help others but I didn’t want to be a therapist………….and then it came to me that being a celebrant was the culmination of literally every skill I had and every role lead to this position!!!

Once I had made my decision I then started researching the different training companies, as there are a lot out there. It took almost a year before I made my decision, based on a number of factors that included the level of professionalism and the support that the organisation gave.

After 9 months of training I am now the proud owner of a Diploma in Family and Funeral Celebrancy from the UK Society of Celebrants.

If you want to find out more about how I can help you with your ceremony please contact me

I look forward to meeting you and creating your ceremony .

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