Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is the meaning of the name Elegant Boho Ceremonies?

The use of the word bohemian first appeared in the English language in the 19th century to describe unconventional and creative lifestyles such as; artists, writers, journalists, musicians and actors.

Having had an unconventional life and one where my own creative talents have been used to create unique events and ceremonies. I wanted to convey this through my company name.


So how does this translate into weddings?

To me, an Elegant Boho Wedding is relaxed, stylish and creative and uniquely depicts the couple getting married. No other ceremony will be like yours, as you are like no other couple.


Do I have to be creative to use your services?

No absolutely not, I will create your ceremony around your personalities, hopes and dreams and that is where the creative element can emerge.


Can we still have some traditional elements if we wish?

Yes of course, the benefit of using an independent celebrant is that you can include anything you want in your ceremony.  I am very happy to weave any traditional elements into your special day, be they secular, spiritual or religious.  


I’ve heard about Special Elements what are they?

For many years Pagan and Celtic traditional elements have been included in wedding ceremonies. These tell the story of the joining of two people or two families. Two examples are:

Hand fasting is an old marriage rite in which the hands of you and your beloved are wrapped in ribbons as you ‘tie the knot’

Unity Sand Ceremony is where the marriage is symbolised by the pouring together of two individual containers of sand, representing your lives and all that they were.

As these two containers of sand are poured into the third container, the grains of sand can never again be separated, as you will now be in their marriage.

There are many elements that we can use and these are outlined in more detail here

We can also adapt these elements to be more specific to you both or create your own special elements using a family heirloom or basing it around your lifestyle.


Can we hold the ceremony anywhere we wish?
Yes. Celebrant led ceremonies can be in any location, there are no restrictions.

The setting of your venue will be the backdrop to your wedding ceremony, so the choice of venue is an important part of your planning. If you haven’t yet decided on this, I can offer some advice on locations, from rustic barns and woodland settings to exclusive country houses.

The venue does not need to be licensed for weddings as you will complete the legal bit at your local registrar office, often the day before your ceremony.


Is a celebrant ceremony legal?

Unfortunately, not.

Currently in the UK, the legal part still has to be completed in a registry office.

You have to give notice that you intend to marry. Then at the registry office it takes only around 15 minutes to complete the official statements and have your signing witnessed by two people. Many couples choose to do this the day before their wedding ceremony.

When you book the registrar, let them know that you have already booked a celebrant led wedding, so that you only have to complete the legal bits there, and can leave your special vows and ring exchanges for your celebrant ceremony, in front of all of your guests.


What Vows do we make during our ceremony ?

Together we will create your vows so that they are true to you and reflect your hopes and dreams for the future. There are no standard vows that you have to follow. I will give you some ideas of format but the content will be unique to you both.


Can we choose how the music is played?

Yes, the content of your ceremony is totally your choice and this also includes whether to play a CD, iPod or have a musician play. We will discuss all of this when we start planning your ceremony.


How do we know if you are the right celebrant for us?

It is really important that you feel comfortable and connect with your choice of celebrant. I encourage you to have an initial free of charge meeting or telephone conversation with me so that you can make your decision.

Please send me an email to arrange this call or meeting.


What happens after the call?

If you decide you want to take things further and confirm your booking with me, I will send you a contract and we then start the planning which begins with a detailed meeting.


What happens at the meeting?

During this meeting I will be finding out about you and your unique story, this is so that we can start to plan the outline of your ceremony.

The planning will include ideas on; your vows, any readings or poetry you might like to include, the music, special elements and any other creative touches that will make this ceremony unique to you both.


What if we want an outdoor ceremony and it rains?

During our planning meetings we will discuss all potential situations that need to be considered and I will help you plan for these contingencies.


How much contact will we have with you before the ceremony?

You will have unlimited email contact with me. It is important that you feel free to contact me when you need to, to talk through all of your questions and plans. This is the most important day of your life, I also want to make it stress free.

We will physically meet 2 or 3 times before the actual day of the ceremony.

Our first meeting will be to start the planning, we then might meet at the venue and we will also have a rehearsal.


Can we meet more often?

If you want more face to face meetings, of course we can arrange to do so and these meetings will be charged individually.


How long will the ceremony be?

The ceremony will be as long or as short as you want. I commit to only having your wedding ceremony on the day, so I’m not limited to an amount of time.


Do you have professional qualifications?

Yes I was privileged to study and gain my professional diploma with the UK Society of Celebrants. I am also a member of this organisation, which is the largest celebrant organisation in the United Kingdom.


What happens if you are ill on the day?

As mentioned the UK Society of Celebrants is a large member organisation. If in the unlikely situation that I was too ill to perform your ceremony, I have a network of celebrants that I know well, who would step in and perform your ceremony just as we had planned it and written it.


Do you have insurance?

Yes I have public liability insurance.